Graduate Courses:

MCEN-5161 (3) Aerosols

To be Taught: S-2022.

Course description: Introduces atmospheric aerosols and properties of their distributions, followed by fundamental descriptions of single particle dynamics, thermodynamics, nucleation, coagulation, mass transfer and populations dynamics. During the second half of the course, the focus will shift to sources and sinks of atmospheric aerosols, their impacts on atmospheric chemistry and radiation, and the impacts of these processes on air quality and climate.

Requisites: Restricted to graduate students only.

Example syllabus.

MCEN-5228 (3) Nanotechnology for Environmental Sustainability

Taught: Spr-2017, Spr-2018.

Course description: This course combines knowledge from the fields of material science, environmental engineering, biology, chemistry, and physics. Explore applications of nanotechnology for environmental sustainability in a team project setting. Learn the definitions of nanomaterials and nanoscale phenomena. Discuss the multi-faceted concept of sustainability and apply this concept to environmental and engineering contexts. Become familiar with the ongoing research on the environmental implications of nanotechnology.  

Requisites: Restricted to graduate students only.

Example syllabus.

Undergraduate Courses:

MCEN 3047 (4) Data Analysis and Experimental Methods

Taught: Fall-2018 (lab), Fall-2019 (lab), Spr-2021 (lecture and lab), Fall-2021 (lecture and lab)

Learn to plan and carry out experiments and analyze the results. Topics covered include measurement fundamentals, design of experiments, elementary statistics and uncertainty analysis. Topics in statistics include probability, error propagation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, linear regression, one- and two-factor ANOVA and time series analysis. Formerly MCEN 3037.

Equivalent - Duplicate Degree Credit Not Granted: GEEN 3853
Requisites: Prereq PHYS 1140,(MCEN 2063 or CVEN 3161)min grade C. Coreqs 1 of:(WRTG 3030,3035,HUEN 1010,3100,PHYS 3050,COEN 3050,ENLP 3100), 1 of:(ECEN 3010,2270,GEEN 3010,MCEN 3017), 1of:(MCEN 3030,APPM 4650,CSCI 3656).Restricted to MCEN or GEEN-BS w/ sub-plan MEC

MCEN 4045 (3) Mechanical Engineering Design Project 1 and MCEN 4085 (3) Mechanical Engineering Design Project 2

Taught: F-2016, Spr-2017, F-2017, Spr-2018, F-2018, Spr-2019.

MCEN3045 Course Description. First part of a two-course capstone design experience in mechanical engineering. Covers problem definition, determining design requirements, alternative design concepts, engineering analysis, proof-of-concept prototype and CAD drawings. Students make several oral design reviews, a final design presentation, and prepare a written report. GEEN-BS and GEEN-BSGE students are not required to complete MCEN 2000MCEN 3022MCEN 3030 or MCEN 4026 but have additional prerequisites of GEEN 14002400 and 3400.

Requisites: Prereqs ECEN3010/CSCI1320/GEEN1400/APPM1350/1360/2350/2360/PHYS1110/1120/1140 MCEN2000/2024/2043/2063/3012/3021/3025/3030 min grd C. Pre or coreqs MCEN3022/3047/4026/4043/WRTG3030. Restricted to stdnts w 87-180 units, MCEN or GEEN stdnts w sub-plan ME

MCEN3085 Course Description. Second part of a two-course capstone design experience in mechanical engineering. Includes refinement of prototype, design optimization, fabrication, testing, and evaluation. Students orally present the final design and prepare a written report and operation manual for the product. GEEN-BS and GEEN-BSEPL students are not required to complete MCEN 4026.

Requisites: Requires prerequisite course of MCEN 4045 (minimum grade C).

The Senior Design Courses are Organized by the Design Center Colorado.


Before joining CU Boulder:

CEE-4144 Air Resources Engineering (Virginia Tech)

Taught: Spring 2012 (Instructor, Via Academic Prep Teaching Fellowship). Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech.

ENS-3126 Atmospheric Pollution Control (UFSC, Brazil)

Taught: Spring 2007, Fall 2007 (co-taught, responsible for 1/3 of the course). Department of Environmental Engineering, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.