1. Our recent findings were highlighted by
  2. Congratulations to Kefin for his Teets Family Endowed Doctoral Fellowship!
  3. Congratulations to our recently accepted paper to Small as Front Cover story (https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/smll.202070224), Excellent Job, Yonghui and Yu Gao!
  4. Congratulations! Our paper was accepted to Theranostics, Excellent Job, Kefin!
  5. Congratulations! Our paper was accepted to Science Advances, Excellent Job, Gazendra!
  6. Dr. Ding was selected to receive the prestigious W.M. Keck Foundation Medical Research Grant Award, Congratulations! (https://www.colorado.edu/engineering/2020/02/06/keck-funded-research-offers-new-tool-understand-cells-better)


  1. Congratulations to Dr. Ding for his RIO Seed Grant Award.
  2. Congratulations to Dr. Ding for his CCTSI Novel Method Development Pilot Award.
  3. Congratulations to Yonghui Ding for his new position as a research faculty at Northwestern University, wish you a bright future!
  4. Congratulations to Kun Liu for her admission to UIUC.
  5. Welcome Adam Vega to join our lab as undergraduate researcher.
  6. Congratulations to Kefin Fajrial for his paper accepted to the journal of Nanotechnology (Nanotechnology 30 (26), 264002).
  7. Congratulations! Our paper was accepted to the journal of Micromachines (Micromachines 10 (12), 839).


  1. Welcome new PhD student Nakul Sridhar to join our Biomedical Microfluidics Lab!
  2. Welcome Dr. Yonghui Ding and Dr. Yu Gao to join us as Postdoc researchers!
  3. Welcome Kun Liu to join us as Undergraduate researcher!


  1. Dr. Ding was invited to give a talk at the 2nd World Congress on Electroporation and Pulsed Electric Fields in Biology, Medicine and Food & Environmental Technologies in Norfolk, VA, on September 25, 2017.
  2. Dr. Ding was invited to give a lecture presentation at the 174th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in New Orleans, Louisiana on December 6, 2017.
  3. Welcome to the new PhD students in the Biomedical Microfluidics Lab, Gazendra, Mike, Varun, and Kefin!
  4. Congratulations to the opening of Dr. Ding's Biomedical Microfluidics Lab in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder. (2017)
  5. Congratulations to our publication in Nature Biomedical Engineering (Xiaoyun Ding, Martin P Stewart, Armon Sharei, James Weaver, Robert Langer, Klavs F Jensen, High-throughput nuclear delivery and rapid expression of DNA via mechanical and electrical cell-membrane disruption, Nature Biomedical Engineering, 0039 (2017))


  1. Congratulations to our publication in Nature (Martin P Stewart, Armon Sharei, Xiaoyun Ding, Gaurav Sahay, Robert Langer, Klavs F Jensen, In vitro and ex vivo strategies for intracellular delivery, Nature 538 (7624), 183-192 (2016))