Journal Publications

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Conference Presentations (Since 2017)

  1. Gazendra Shakya, Samuel Hoff, Shiyi Wang, Hendrik Heinz, Xiaoyun Ding, and Mark Borden, “Tuning vaporization thresholds of endoskeletal perfluorocarbon droplets” IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, 10/2019. (Oral Presentation)
  2. Xin Xu, Apresio Fajrial, Benjamin Seelbinder, Xiaoyun Ding, Sarah Calve, and Corey Neu, “Probing the interplay of nuclear, cellular, and matrix mechanics within living tissues” 8th World Congress of Biomechanics, Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom, 10/2018. (Oral Presentation)
  3. Xiaoyun Ding, “Standing Surface Acoustic Wave Enabled Acoustofluidics for Bioparticle Manipulation” 174th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, New Orleans, LA, USA, 12/2017. (Invited Talk)
  4. Xiaoyun Ding, Martin Stewart, Robert Langer, and Klavs Jensen, “Reversible Disruption of Nuclear Envelope via Mechanical and Electrical Pulse” 2nd World Congress on Electroporation, Norfolk, VA, USA, 09/2017. (Invited Talk)

Book Chapter

  1. Xiaoyun Ding, Peng Li, Sz-Chin Steven Lin, Zackary S. Stratton, Nitesh Nama, Feng Guo, Daniel Slotcavage, Xiaole Mao, Jinjie Shi,  Francesco Costanzo, Thomas Franke, Achim Wixforth, and Tony Jun Huang, “Lab-on-a-chip Technologies Enabled by Surface Acoustic Waves”, in Microscale Acoustofluidics, A. Lenshof, and T. Laurell, Royal Society of Chemistry Publisher, 2014, pp. 354-398.