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Group Picture

Lab Hangout Hiking - Spring 2022

At Eldorado - Left to Right: Kefin, Yu, Nakul, Meiou, Kun, Funda, Ian, Daniel

Lab Hangout Hiking - 2021

At Brainard Lake - Front Left to Right: Yinan, Sarah, Xiaoyun, Adam, Kieran, Funda, Sean, Meiou, Ze, Shyam; Back Left to Right: Kefin, Yu, Gazendra, Nakul, Ian

Lab Hangout Hiking - 2020

At Heil Valley Ranch - Left to Right: Gazendra, Yu, Kefin, Adam, Xiaoyun, Kun, Nakul

In the Lab - 2020

In the Lab, Left to Right: Adam, Yuki, Kefin, Yu, Tao, Gazendra, Nakul, Xiaoyun

Lab Hangout - Summer 2019

At Busaba, Left to Right: Gazendra, Yu, Nakul, Kefin, Kun, Adam, Xiaoyun, Yonghui