Some of The Research Groups in Biotechnology and Biomedical Devices

Group Name Principal Investigator Link
The Langer Lab  Robert Langer
Whitesides Research Group George Whitesides
Rogers Research Group - Northwestern John A. Rogers
Experimental Soft Condensed Matter Group at Harvard David Weitz
Luke Lee Research Group Luke P. Lee
System Biology Research Group  Bernhard Palsson
Khademhosseini Lab Ali Khademhosseini
Mathies Research Lab Richard A. Mathies
BioMEMS Resource Center Mehmet Toner
Jensen Research Group Klavs Jensen
KIST Andreas Manz
Quake Lab at Stanford Stephen Quake 
MechanoBioEngineering Lab Chwee Teck (C.T.) Lim
MechanoBiology Lab Roger D. Kamm
Microtechnolog, Medicine and Biology Lab (mmb LAB) David J Beebe
MESA+ Institute and BIOS/Lab on a Chip group Albert van den Berg
Takayama Lab at Gatech Shuichi Takayama
Stanford Microfluidics Laboratory  Juan G. Santiago
Ho-Sysyms Laboratory Chih-Ming Ho
Yager Research Laboratory Paul Yager
Biomolecular Microsystems and Nano Transducers (BioMiNT Lab) Abraham "Abe" P. Lee
Biophotonics Laboratory  Changhuei Yang
Ismagilov Group Rustem F. Ismagilov
Di Carlo Lab  Dino Di Carlo
The Aebi Lab - Microbial Glycobiology Markus Aebi
Micro and Nanomechanics Laboratory  Horacio Dante Espinosa
Caltech MEMS Lab  Yuchong Tai
Burns Lab Microfluidics at the University of Michigan Mark A. Burns
The Vorholt Lab - Microbial Physiology Julia Vorholt
MIT Microfluidics & Nanofluidics Research Laboratory Rohit Karnik
Bouwer Research Group Ed Bouwer
Laboratory for Drug Delivery Mark Prausnitz
Research group Achim Wixforth Archim Wixforth
Biological Microtechnology And Biomems Group Joel Voldman
Lµ Fluidics Group Hang Lu
Bioanalytics Group Petra S.Dittrich