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Institute for Behavioral Genetics • Psychology & Neuroscience

Institute for Behavioral Genetics
University of Colorado Boulder
447 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0447

Research Interests:

The use of cross-sectional and longitudinal studies of twins and families to study behavioral development, and genetic and environmental influences on behavior, personality, and health. Recent research focus on the development of behavior problems in childhood and adolescence, vulnerability to drug use, abuse, and dependence, genetics and health, and linkage and association studies of behavioral traits. Dr. Hewitt is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Behavior Genetics. He was Director of the Institute for Behavioral Genetics from 2001-2022.

Active Grants:

  • R01 DA054087 (mPIs Rhee, Hewitt, Vrieze, Wilson) 05/01/22-02/28/27 Understanding the links between parental and adolescent substance use: complementary natural experiments using the children of twins design. Role: mPI
  • U01 DA051018 (mPIs Banich, Friedman, Hewitt (until 07/0522)) 04/15/20-03/31/27 14/21 ABCD-USA consortium: research project site at CU Boulder. Role: mPI until 07/05/22, currently co-Investigator
  • R01 DA042755-03 (mPIs Hopfer, Hewitt, Vrieze, McGue) 09/01/17-05/31/23 Impact of marijuana legalization: comparison of two longitudinal twin cohorts. Subcontract to Institute for Behavioral Genetics (Hewitt). Role:mPI
  •  R01 AG046938-05 (Reynolds) 06/01/15-05/31/26 Colorado Adoption/Twin Study of Lifespan Behavioral Development & Cognitive Aging Subcontract to Institute for Behavioral Genetics (Wadsworth). Role: co-I
  • T32 MH016880-38 (Hewitt) 07/01/20-06/30/25 Research Training in Mental Health Behavior Genetics. Role: PI
  • R25 MH019918-27 (Keller, previously Hewitt through 05-2021) 07/01/18-06/30/23 Workshop on Statistical Genetic Methods for Human Complex Traits. Role: co-I

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