Jerry Stitzel, Professor
Institute for Behavioral Genetics • Integrative Physiology

Institute for Behavioral Genetics
University of Colorado Boulder
447 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0447

Research Interests:

The use of genetic strategies to identify the underlying biological bases for the behavioral and physiological actions of drugs of abuse with special emphasis on nicotine.

Active Grants:

  • NIDA U01DA043802 (Stitzel, JA, Radcliffe, RA) 4/1/18-12/31/22. Genetic modifiers of Chrna5 deletion in mice: role in nicotine behaviors modulated by the medial habenula-IPN pathway. Role: PI
  • NIDA R01DA044283 (Vrieze, S). Deep sequencing, phenotyping, and imputation in large-scale biobanks: a novel and cost-effective framework to identify rare mutations associated with addiction. Role: Co-investigator

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