Self Study 2018

The 2018 self study report is available.

IBG Self Study 2018

The ARPAC Report

The Academic Review and Planning Advisory Committee's (ARPAC) review of IBG was completed in February 2013. Please see a copy below:

ARPAC Report

Self Study 2011

As part of the Academic Review and Planning Advisory Committee's (ARPAC) review of our Institute, we were asked to conduct a self study during the Fall of 2011. ARPAC requested that each unit under review report the results of their self study in the form of response to a series of questions posed by ARPAC. The units under review in 2011-12 were those falling under the rubric of the life sciences (MCDB, Psychology and Neuroscience, Integrative Physiology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Institute of Cognitive Science, and IBG) and environmental sciences. All units reviewed responded to the same set of questions.

The IBG self study committee consisted of all IBG Faculty Fellows and representatives of the graduate students, researchers, and staff. However, among the IBG Faculty Fellow, a core self-study group comprised those Fellows talking the lead responsibility for responding to one or more self study questions.

IBG Self Study 2011