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IAFS majors are encouraged to take part in their community -- there are many possibilities and opportunities for students. Below, we have listed a few of the many student organizations available for International Affairs students. We invite you to meet many student clubs at the International Affairs Convocation, which takes place every fall semester. If you are a student club leader and would like to contact the department with funding questions/requests, please complete the Funding Request form and email it to

Conference on World Affairs (CWA) Student Volunteer Group The Conference on World Affairs, a global-topics 5-day conference at CU-Boulder, aims to enhance students’ involvement and awareness with a multitude of subjects and people. CWA allows for students to engage in at least one, if not several areas of interest through helping run the conference and interacting with the participants.
Conversation Tables Conversation Tables are casual gatherings to converse over coffee and tea in a specific language. They are facilitated by language faculty and do not require an RSVP; thus, participants are welcome to drop in! ALTEC currently supports Conversation Tables in more than ten languages. They meet in the HIVE (Hellems 159), weekly, bi-weekly or on specific dates, depending on the language. Come join us!
CU Boulder German Club The CU German Club fosters conversation and relationships between the students of the University of Colorado, who share a common interest in the German language and the culture of German-speaking countries. Members of the club are provided cultural knowledge and expansion and practice of language skills. Students from all majors are welcome.  
CU Boulder Project Nur Project Nur works to nullify negative stereotypes associated with Islamophobia by creating dialogue among students for the purpose of promoting human & civil rights and living in coexistence with all members of our community, especially American Muslims. Project Nur aims to improve intercultural understanding through a civic approach as well as challenge the perception of a monolithic uniform Muslim community in the United States and abroad.
CU Boulder Spanish Club CU-Boulder seeks to bring together the Spanish-speaking community within the university, connecting it with the Spanish-speaking world. To do this, the club organizes bi-weekly meetings that direct members to local events, movie nights, volunteer opportunities, presentations and more. Whether you are studying Spanish, Spanish is your native language or you are a beginning to learn the language, all are welcome.
CU Russian Club The CU Russian Club aims to bring Russian culture, history and political awareness to campus. Through bi-monthly meetings and carrying out and promoting different events that are in conjunction with the CU Boulder Russian department, club members are provided a variety of opportunities to interact with the Russian community of Boulder and Denver. Students from all majors are welcome.
The HIVE The Hub for Innovation + Vibrant Expression (the HIVE, Hellems 159) is a social hub for CU Boulder's language learning and teaching community. Our intention is to promote languages and cultural-related gathering through events and exhibitions led and/or facilitated by the Anderson Language and Technology Center (ALTEC) throughout the year. We envision the HIVE to be a space that encourages collaboration across disciplines and fosters inclusivity and diversity.
International Business Club (IBC) The Leeds International Business Club caters to international business students and anyone who is interested in learning about all of the different aspects that goes into international business. The IBC meets every other week. During meetings you will have a chance to meet with speakers who have international business experience, participate to workshops focused on international careers, apply for international internships, learn more about study abroad programs, share your experience, and, make your personal contribution to the club.
International Coffee Hour CU students, scholars, staff, and faculty are welcome at International Coffee Hour! Are you… Someone who likes good conversations with interesting people? An armchair traveler? An International Affairs major? A Study Abroad Program returnee? An international student or scholar? A GRAPer? Please join us for International Coffee Hour, Friday afternoons, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m., across from the Alfred Packer Grill in the UMC Grill. International Coffee Hour happens every week except during school holidays and summer. Free coffee, tea, and snacks and no reservations are required.
Model United Nations (Model U.N.) The Model U.N. offers students the opportunity to experience international diplomacy and negotiations first hand. Students work year round preparing information concerning their chosen country. Delegates from around the world attend National Model U.N. Conferences to participate in a simulated United Nations meeting, debating the problems of the world. 
Sigma Iota Rho (SIR) The Alpha Eta chapter of Sigma Iota Rho (national honor society for International Affairs majors) was established not only to promote and reward scholarship among students in the IAFS program, but also to actively support the major and continue work to improve the program as a whole. More information here.