Interested in adding a minor to your IAFS degree? Over 40% of IAFS majors have a minor in another department! One of the many benefits of the interdisciplinary nature of the IAFS program is that students are taking courses in different departments across campus.

Want to add a certificate? IAFS has several undergraduate certificates intended to enhance your studies and build your resume while overlapping with IAFS degree requirements, but there are other certificates on campus that would also be a great addition to your IAFS degree. 

Across the CU Boulder campus, there are many minors and certificates that IAFS students may be interested in, or may already be taking credits towards completing! 

  • Are you interested in the Peace, Conflict and Security Certificate? Up to 12 of the 19 credits needed for the PACS certificate also count towards IAFS degree requirements. 
  • Are you taking language courses to fulfill the IAFS Language Proficiency requirement? Most language minors are 18-20 credits. 
  • A Political Science minor is 21 credits, and if planned correctly, IAFS students could incoroporate 6-18 credits of the PSCI minor throughout the academic plan for completing IAFS major requirements!
  • Did you take microeconomics and macroconomics as an IAFS student (ECON 2010 and ECON 2020)? You already have 8 of the 20-22 credits necessary for the Economics minor. Many of the ECON courses that count towards the IAFS Functional Areas would also count towards the upper division requirements for the ECON minor!
  • The Leed's Business minor nicely complements the courses available through Functional Area II - International Economics, Business, and Political Economy and IAFS students minor in Business in order to work in international business, policy making, or to go on to their MBA. 

Please note: No more than four IAFS Functional Area courses can be from one department (ex: PSCI or ECON). The requirements listed above for certificates and minors are subject to change.

If you are interested in adding a minor or certificate, make sure to check with your advisor to see how you can incorporate the additional coursework into your academic plan. A full list of Arts & Sciences undergraduate academic opportunities can be found here