Interested in going abroad as part of your CU Boulder education? First, we recommend that you meet with your IAFS academic advisor to discuss how a program abroad can factor into your degree planning. Then complete the three steps on Education Abroad's Get Started pageAbroad 101Explore Programs, and Connect with an Advisor. Finally, review any other helpful information on the Education Abroad website such as scholarships, approved courses, deadlines, etc.

Did you know that Study Abroad is only one of many ways fulfill the IAFS Off-Campus Experience (OCE) requirement? Other ways to fulfill the requirement include taking IAFS 4930, a CU in DC course, or several other experiential learning opportunities with an international focus. Learn more on the OCE page

Global Seminars and Global Intensives

  • Global Seminars are CU Faculty-Led programs with a small group of fellow CU Boulder students. Global Seminars are generally only a few weeks long and are most often offered in the summer, although some programs are during winter break. 
  • Global Intensives are short-term international programs that happen during a course that is taught on the CU Boulder Campus (ex: a course with a Spring Break trip). 


Global Grants Scholarship

  • Global Grants are scholarships of up to $3,000 towards study abroad experiences and are awarded based on merit and need. 
  • A minimum GPA of 2.75 is required. Applicants must be students in the IAFS program.

Other Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • There are numerous scholarships available to students applying to go abroad. Some scholarships are specific to certain locations or certain students, but most students will be eligible for at least 1-2 scholarships, if not more! If you have additional questions that are not addressed below, please contact Education Abroad office.
  • The Education Abroad office has a website dedicated to Financial Aid information specific to studying and interning abroad with CU Boulder programs. Visit their website for the most up-to-date information.
  • The International Affairs Program (IAFS) awards Global Grants towards a CU-Boulder Study Abroad program, each fall and spring semester (summer and academic year may be eligible). For more information, visit the Global Grants webpage.
  • Additional sources of loans and other funding beyond State/Federal Financial Aid: