Big Ideas. Endless Discoveries.

Through our partnerships with campus and community groups and the generous time and effort of our volunteers, we're able to create enlightening content available to all. 

There are many ways to get involved with the CWA year-round or during conference week. The CWA Program Committee is composed of CU students, faculty, staff and Boulder community members who volunteer their time to consider the crucial issues of the day, research candidates for CWA, and create exciting panels that will challenge our audiences.

The 2024 CU Conference on World Affairs is scheduled April 10-12, 2024. We’ll do what CWA does best—bring a diverse and eclectic lens to the issues and opportunities. 

We’re looking for volunteers to join the Program Committee, which identifies speakers and plans CWA 2024.

For a printable version of our volunteer information you can click here to download our volunteer PDF. 

Subcommittee subject areas include: Arts, Business, Film, Human Condition, International Affairs, and Science & Technology. Most committees meet weekly through January. 

CWA Program Committees

The CWA process for identifying speakers and conference content is developed by a corps of volunteers. In order to ensure that conference content is considered from a diversity of perspectives, the volunteers are organized into committees with specific focus areas. The committees then work together to ensure recruitment of a set of diverse and engaging speakers, addressing timely topics. Below is a description of these committees. Individuals from CU (students, faculty, staff) and those from the broader community (Boulder and beyond) are welcome to join committees to participate in program development. Please reach out to if you are interested in joining one of our committees!


The Business committee (Bus) takes a multidisciplinary approach to provide a business perspective to the Conference on World Affairs. Whether you're interested in geopolitics, sustainability, finance, or any other niche, it can all be explored in the Business Committee! We use many disciplines to discuss a large variety of topics and how they can be applied to real-world business situations. The business committee seeks to connect people, departments, and interests by creating engaging and relevant panels that provide value to students and community members. If you're interested in discussing many topics through a business lens, stop by one of our committee meetings!

Human Condition:

The CWA Human Condition (HC) committee aims to provide global and inclusive perspectives on what it means to be human. Community and Student Members bring together writers, scientists, scholars, public officials, and others to discuss human desires, needs, rights, and societies. We typically explore topics in areas such as education, health, human rights, recreation, relationships, and social issues. Past programs have focused on the criminal justice system, education reform, gun control, human displacement, love and sex, sports, and more.

International Affairs:

In a fast-changing world with a growing interdependence of all nations, the CWA International Affairs (IA) committee is composed of a globally-oriented group of volunteers who discuss and create panels for the conference based on the most pressing international issues of our time. Diplomatic strategies, national security concerns, environmental issues, global trade, economic growth and development, and creating effective foreign policies are a few of the many thought-provoking topics that our committee delves into. Every year, we help develop panels that consistently include high-caliber, articulate speakers of diverse backgrounds and expertise levels.

Politics and Media:

The CWA mission states that the conference is committed to free speech, thoughtful discussion of ideas, and a willingness to understand opposing points of view. A key committee that works to fulfill that mission is the Politics and Media Committee (PM), comprised of student and community members.  The speakers recruited by PM include journalists, professors, politicians, commentators, and other national leaders.  Recent CWA panel topics that showcase these speakers have included US domestic policies, the Constitution, the impact of media, Supreme Court issues, and the current political climate.

 Science and Technology:

The Science and Technology subcommittee (ST) recruits panelists who bring diverse perspectives to the development, application, and implication of current and emerging issues in science, technology, engineering, and medicine.  We take a broad view, engaging expertise ranging from artificial intelligence, astrophysics, and neuroscience to communication, religion, and science fiction. We are as likely to host panels on science and bioethics as we are panels on extra-terrestrial life or GMOs.  We pursue panelists who can effectively engage in informative and spirited dialogue on a broad range of contemporary and controversial topics.


Join the Arts Committee and add to the creative mix that is CWA. Through brainstorming and drawing upon each other’s ideas and connections, we do our best to bring timely, thoughtful, and sometimes provocative artists and creatives to participate in the programming of panels and events in any number of disciplines: poetry and spoken word, music, dance, theater, visual arts, photography, sculpture, architecture, animation and film. Depending on the direction programming may take, it could include art installations, interactive events, or performances. If you like, you can also participate in the CWA Book Club in its selection or be part of the classic Ebert Interruptus film event. It's a big box of fun and we split it up so you can do what interests you.

Pop Culture:

In a world dominated by a constant influx of new media, trends, and cultural phenomena, the CWA Pop Culture Committee is comprised of of students and community volunteers who discuss and develop panels for the conference centered around the ever-evolving world of popular culture. From film, music, television, and internet culture to fashion, celebrity influence, fandoms, and the intersection of politics and pop culture, our committee explores a myriad of topics that shape and reflect the society we live in. We recruit speakers from diverse backgrounds and expertise, including artists, writers, influencers, cultural critics, and industry professionals to provide a multifaceted perspective on current pop culture issues and trends. Every year, we strive to create panels that are not only engaging and entertaining but also insightful and thought-provoking, encouraging a deeper understanding of the role of pop culture in our lives and its impact on the world. If you are passionate about the forces that drive popular culture and want to engage in meaningful discussions about its influence and implications, join us at one of our committee meetings!