The purpose of the CU Boulder Compensation Framework Initiative (CFI) is to develop and implement a compensation code system specific to the Boulder campus that aligns CU Boulder staff jobs.  This compensation framework is the foundation for categorizing jobs across campus, establishing standard pay ranges and enhancing career progression concepts.

Led by CU Boulder Human Resources, the CFI focuses on campus staff positions, including officers, university staff and classified staff (where possible within Colorado Personnel System requirements). The overall framework developed will also help facilitate alignment of temporary staff jobs, student hourly assistant jobs, and others as needed in the future.

Ongoing updates will be added to this page as the initiative moves forward.

The CFI is NOT intended to:

  • Replace current payroll job code titles or the use of working titles.
  • Reduce salaries.
  • Change current job duties or reporting relationships.
  • Change the importance of any jobs or their impact on campus.
  • Eliminate jobs.