It can be difficult to know when to increase your energy and when to hold it back. Join us for a workshop dedicated to understanding how the body communicates the need for grounding or energizing with some useful practical tools from the field of Somatic Psychotherapy, which utilizes the wisdom of the body. This interactive session will provide time to practice and discuss the tools offered.  

Learning Outcomes 

After attending this workshop, attendees will learn to:  

  • Build awareness of and track the spectrum of daily energy levels  
  • Learn how to listen to our body-based cues  
  • Practice self-regulation tools for grounding and energizing  

Who should attend 

This workshop is intended for any CU Boulder staff or faculty member who wants to learn useful tools for managing their daily energy levels.  


March 10, 2022  





Rachel Ness, BA is the Masters Clinical Intern for the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program.  


There is no cost for this course