Career Counselor
Organization and Employee Development

Dahlia has a Master of Science in Social Work, 1992; and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. Her additional trainings and certifications include EMDR; EMDR for Grief and Loss; CBT-I (for insomnia); Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction; Applied Existential Psychotherapy, Global Career Development Facilitator. Also trained to administer: Myers Briggs Type Indicator; StrengthsQuest; Strong Interest Inventory. She has over 25 years of career and personal counseling experience including individual counseling and group facilitation; career development workshops and presentations; support groups; clinical internship supervision; and program development and implementation.

Brief Personal Information:  I’m an outdoor enthusiast, public radio show aficionado and supporter, poet, frequenter of libraries, as well as an avid meditation retreat attendee.