Published: Sept. 13, 2022

The All Access Pass is a dynamic learning tool and will provide an immediate benefit to you and your team! We invite you to get started today.

Live facilitated learning experiences (in-person or virtual) through CU Human Resources.
Jhana “virtual mentor” – an on-demand resource providing the latest research, tips, and guidance for managers and supervisors.
OnDemand Impact Journeys – self-paced on-demand short courses on a variety of topics related to Leading Others and Leading Yourself.
Solutions – 22 different on-demand courses to build skills and competencies in Individual Effectiveness, Leadership, and other areas.

Cost: FranklinCovey content is available on an annual subscription that runs from September 1 to August 30 each year. The subscription cost for the 2022-2023 contract year is $136. All virtually facilitated courses and all online content are available through the subscription, at no additional cost. Any additional FranklinCovey course facilitated in-person, has an additional $35 per course materials fee. (Outside of CU Boulder, each training can cost between $399 - $2,395 per course.)

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