Published: Feb. 21, 2022

It has been nearly four years since we first launched CU Boulder Jobs. Our goal has been to develop an application that could satisfy the complex and diverse needs of our campus and engaging with our users has been crucial to our success in reaching this goal.

One such area of the system we’ve been working to improve is the experience in the Hiring Portal. We are excited to share some enhancements that have been released recently to make your portal experience more intuitive. As always, thank you for your continued partnership as we work to enhance the system. If you have any questions regarding the updates, please reach out to your recruiter for assistance.

Robust Job Ad Review

To improve the job ad approval experience, job ad approvers will now see a more detailed version of the job ad when providing approval. The enhanced view more closely aligns with what the candidate will see when applying to the job on the career portal. This provides job ad approvers with a better understanding of the applicant experience and can provide for a more tailored job ad.

Added ‘My Feedback Report’ Quick Link

In the navigation bar, you can now find a quick link to a summary of all feedback you submitted through the portal for applicants. Clicking the link will display a list of all active jobs for which you are a related constituent. You can click the relative job to see all candidates you have reviewed in all steps of the search process. There is a print icon on the top right hand of the page for easy printing!

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Easy Review and Print of Stored Candidate Feedback

Print IconLook for the print icon on the ‘My Feedback Report’ pages and on the lists of candidates you have reviewed. While you can always access your feedback online, you can also easily print your feedback to bring to a committee review meeting!

Broader Candidate Visibility

One of the biggest challenges we heard from all of you was being able to quickly find an applicant to review materials and provide feedback. This update provides you with broader visibility to where applicants are in the process and enables you to quickly find applicant records. The biggest change related to this is you now have visibility to applicants in HireVue through the ‘Interview Feedback: Interview 1’ dashboard list. Though applicants are visible in this step in the portal to allow easy viewing of application materials, you will continue to provide feedback on them through HireVue.

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Candidate Status

To provide you with more visibility into the recruiting process, you now see an added ‘status’ column when looking at candidates. This will help with differentiating where applicants are in the search process.

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Usability Enhancements

With this update, there are additional buttons for navigating between candidate records and between jobs. We’ve also updated labels, breadcrumbs, and some formatting for easier navigation. This update also included some performance enhancements to boost the speed of navigating between applicants and throughout the portal.

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