Published: June 27, 2019

Faculty Election

Summer Research Entries

  • Please send in the updated request forms for July and August Summer Research.  If faculty receive merit, these will need to be sent in with the updated 2019-2020 Institutional Based Salary

HRSC PET Deadline for Fiscal Year 2019

  • To ensure that Payroll Expense Transfers (PETs) are posted to the current fiscal year, please have all PETs submitted to the HRSC on a PET spreadsheet no later than 7/8/2019. If submitting a PET request relating to a grant fund (fund 30 or 31), please be sure to also submit the answers to the grants certification questions. All PETs received after 7/8/2019 may post with the next fiscal year.

Administrative Appointments (Chairs, Faculty Directors, etc.)

  • For departments that have administrative appointments with an upcoming end date, you should have received a communication from the HRSC regarding reappointment letters or terminations.  Let us know if you have question regarding changes or updates in this area.