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We are now accepting applications for our interdisciplinary Ph.D. in German Studies. Join the intellectual community of our German Studies program and take advantage of intensive and personalized mentoring, student-centered conferences, colloquia and workshops on the beautiful Boulder campus.

For more information, contact the Graduate Associate Chair, or the Graduate Administrator, Karen Hawley ( 

To apply, see Ph.D. Application Information.

What we offer:

  • cross-disciplinary work environment and mentorship
  • 5 years of funding, including stipends and tuition waivers
  • TA-ships and pedagogical training
  • Student-centered colloquia, speaker-series, and academic workshops
  • Internships and professional development opportunities

What makes CU Boulder different?

Our program offers close mentorship and a vibrant intellectual exchange between students and faculty. Graduate students work closely with leading scholars of modern literature, culture, philosophy, and the arts. PhD students are encouraged to conduct interdisciplinary research in German Studies and a secondary concentration (i.e. classics, environmental science, art history, Jewish studies). To see the wide range of subjects covered in the German Program, we encourage you to consult the research and publication profiles of our faculty and graduate students.

What are your advantages?

If accepted into the Ph.D. program, you will work and study with established scholars of German Studies known for their innovative approaches to fields such as cultural studies, gender and sexuality studies, media studies, history of science and technology, critical theory, and contemporary art. You will participate in student-centered colloquia, academic workshops, lectures, conference, and you can choose from a variety of professionalization opportunities that prepare you for academic and non-academic careers.

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the University of Colorado Boulder is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country and part of a lively city that is well known for its quality of life, art and music scene, outdoor activities, and stunning views of the Rockies. All the cultural attractions of the vibrant city of Denver are only 25 miles away.