Program Information

To support the University’s mission of advancing knowledge across disciplines, and in recognition that business education and training and language learning have relevance to many academic fields, the Leeds School of Business and the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures introduced a dual degree: a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Arts in German Studies.

What are the advantages of the Dual Degree Program?

The normal MBA program is 2 years with 55 credit hours. The normal MA in German is a two-year program with 30 credit hours. With the dual degree one should be able to complete the degree in 3 years with a total of 70 credit hours.

  • The Leeds School of Business accepts 12 credit hours of (grade B or better) graduate work in German toward the original 55 MBA credits, making a total of 43 MBA credits for Dual Degree students.
  • The German MA is 30 credits, but 9 of those credits can be in other fields, not limited to, but including international business (the most efficient way to complete the Dual Degree is for 1 of these 3 courses to apply to both the MBA and the German degrees.)

There are two sequences possible

Year 1: MBA courses (with one German elective)
Year 2: German courses
Year 3: MBA and German courses


Year 1: German courses (including other electives)
Year 2: MBA courses (with one German elective)
Year 3: MBA and German courses


German MA students admitted to the program with a TAship will be funded for two years; the year they take German courses, and the year they take German/MBA courses.  Students will need to fund themselves the year they take MBA courses only.

How is one admitted to the Dual Degree Program?

Students must apply to and meet the application and admission requirements for each program separately. See the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures for application to the German MA program, and the Leeds School of Business to apply to the MBA program.

Contact the Leeds School of Business for MBA requirements

German required courses:

    • German 5010: Research Methods is required of all German MA students.
    • German 5020: Applied Linguistics and Foreign Language Teaching Methodology is required of all German language Teaching Assistants.
    • GRMN 3030: Business German (or as Independent study [GRMN 5900] in conjunction with German 3030) should be taken if the student has not taken an equivalent course as an undergraduate.
    • Additional courses and/ or Thesis work to complete a total of 30 hours: (21 hours must have the GRMN designation the other 9 can be MBA courses with international content or other related courses approved by GSLL.)


What are the additional requirements?

1. Students should refer to the MA Handbook guidelines for the comprehensvie MA exam, prospectus, and thesis writing and defense.  Non-thesis students should refer to the MA Handbook guidelines for comprehensive exams for non-thesis students.
2. Both degrees must be awarded simultaneously.
3. Dual degree students must maintain the academic and ethical standards required of both schools.
4. Students who do not complete the dual degree program requirements (i.e., who withdraw for any reason from one of the two programs) will be required to meet the full requirements of the remaining program in which they are enrolled.
5. At least 2 Business courses with significant international content must be included in the student's program of study. These courses can count toward 30 hours for the German MA.

For more information contact:

Arne Hoecker, Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures

Leeds School of Business