German 5010, Theory and Practice of German Studies, is required of all German M.A. students. German 5020, Applied Linguistics and Foreign Language Teaching Methodology is required for all German Teaching Assistants. GRMN 5010 is generally offered in the spring semester and GRMN 5020 is generally offered in the fall semester. Click here for a listing of all German graduate level courses. Course listings for each semester can be accessed through the student portal. German M.A. students may take up to 9 credit hours in an outside area  (outside area courses must be approved in advance by the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies). Upon approval of the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, students may take up to six credit hours of 3000/4000-level courses toward their M.A. degree.  (GRMN 4000/5000 crosslisted courses, including GRMN 5301 and 5504, will count toward the student’s six hours of 3000/4000 level coursework allowed toward the degree.  GRMN 5051 is counted as a graduate level course.)

Petitions Requesting Exceptions Graduate students may, for one reason or another, feel the need to petition for an exception to a departmental requirement. Such requests should be made to the Graduate Director in person or in writing explaining the reasons justifying an exception from the requirement. The Graduate Director will, if appropriate, consult with the student’s advisor, or, if the student does not have chosen an advisor yet, with the head of the program. Students can expect to receive a decision within two weeks of their request. The decision will be communicated to the student in writing.


Outside Area

German M.A. students may take up to 9 credit hours in an outside area. CU graduate students frequently choose history, political science, philosophy, education, business, and geography, but students may pursue other options. All outside area courses must be approved by the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies. Upon approval of the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, students may take up to six credit hours of 3000/4000-level courses toward their M.A. degree.

Second Foreign Language

Students must have reading knowledge of a second foreign language in order to receive their M.A. in German. This requirement may be fulfilled by two college-level semesters of a foreign language, an approved study abroad program, or a course in reading knowledge of a foreign language. Courses used to fulfill the second foreign language requirement may be taken pass/fail. Students should consult with the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies at the beginning of their first semester to discuss procedures. The department recommends that this requirement be fulfilled in the first year of study.

Independent Study

Students interested in independent study in German should obtain an informational sheet and an Independent Study Contract from the department. The student must fill out the Independent Study Contract with the faculty member specifying the course of study and the method of evaluation. Once the contract is approved by the chair, a staff member will enroll the student in the course. Students interested in taking an independent study in an outside area should work with that department to fill out the contract and register for the course. M.A. students may not take more than a total of 6 hours of independent study.

Policy on Grades of Incomplete

A grade of incomplete (IF) is granted when, due to circumstances beyond the student's control (illness, military service, hardship or death in the family), he/she is unable to complete the requirements of the course in the semester for which he/she is registered. Incompletes must be completed before the beginning of the following semester.  An Incomplete Contract must be filled out and signed by both the instructor and the student stating the work to be completed.  The final grade (earned by completing the course requirements) does not result in the deletion of the "I" from the transcript.  

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit from accredited institutions is accepted by CU-Boulder only after approval by the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies. Transfer credit is defined as any credit earned at another accredited institution, credits earned on another campus of the CU system, or credits earned as a non-degree student within the CU system. Transfer credit for the German MA cannot have been used toward another MA degree, must have been taken at the graduate level, and must have a grade of B or higher.  M.A. students are allowed a maximum of 9 hours of transfer credit. (See the Graduate Program Assistant for transfer credit forms.)


We encourage you to complete an internship during your studies.  Three hours of internship credit can count toward the required hours of coursework for the MA.  Our graduate students have completed internships with businesses, non-profit agencies, and schools, and at locations including Colorado, Germany, and Washington, DC.  Internship offerings vary by semester.  To enroll in a graduate internship, please see the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies.   International students are required to take the internship for a letter grade (not pass/fail, no credit, etc.).  


A&S Policy on Grade Appeals