More Altmetric Explorer Resources

  • Tips and Tricks for Promoting your Research - This one page PDF guide to promoting your research is a valuable resource for authors looking to maximize their reach and impact using Altmetrics.
  • What are altmetrics? - A new guide from Altmetric to the wider field of altmetrics, with information on how altmetrics are calculated and suggestions for best practices.
  • How Faculty Can Highlight Their Academic Reputation - This one page PDF guide to highlighting your academic reputation provides easy steps to make your research more visible.
  • About Altmetrics - More details about how Altmetric tracks research attention.
  • Altmetric YouTube Channel - View videos including platform focused tutorials, guidance on uses and applications of Altmetric data, past webinars and more.
  • Case Studies - View how other institutions, publishers, librarians and authors are using Altmetric Explorer for Institutions.
  • Altmetric Blog - Learn more about how other institutions are using Altmetrics, what papers are receiving high attentions scores and more.
  • Altmetric New Sources - See the list of all the news sources tracked by Altmetric.
  • Altmetric Support - Submit questions directly to Altmetric at their Support Page.
  • Optimizing your Social Media Presence - For faculty interested in learning more about how to take advantage of social media to improve their visibility and connection to colleagues or students, see this article from the December 2018 Chronicle of Higher Education.

Further Resources for Campus Communicators - This page for more resources in how Altmetric Explorer can be used by Campus Communicators or other practitioners promoting the scholarly work of CU Boulder faculty and researchers.