Monthly workshops are offered throughout the academic year to get you prepared for your leadership role. The workshops are provided as part of our academic leaders competency model.

Innovate Hours are short events with tea/coffee and cookies covering new ideas for academic leadership.

Our trainings serve all faculty across the university, including our academic leaders, tenured/tenure-track faculty, instructional faculty, research associates, and post-doctoral researcher, and include tried and true methods for improving productivity, enhancing communication skills, and co-creating an productive happy work environment.

The orientation is offered yearly prior to the start of the fall semester.  It provides the kinds of information and skills you need to be successful as an academic leader. You will come away with a better understanding of what it means to shift from your prior role (e.g., as a faculty member, or associate chair, or at another institution) to your new administrative/leadership role. We encourage all academic leaders to participate in this crucial session at some time in their role as leader. 

The goal of the retreat, a yearly gathering of senior academic leaders, is to build an ongoing sustainable knowledge base on what it means to be an academic leader, to enhance skills of leadership, create a common knowledge base, learn tactics and strategies, and foster relationships.  

Materials from previous ALI events are available for viewing and download.

Academic Leaders from the University of Colorado Boulder developed in collaboration with Faculty Relations and Human Resources key competencies and associated behaviors that our leaders aspire to meet within their units. This unique set of competencies is what motivates our Academic Leaders Institute. Learn more about ALI by watching this video.   

Academic Leaders Institute Competency Model

Upcoming Events and Offerings 

  • Jan 19 (Tue) at 2:00-3:00pm - Innovate Hour: Dealing with Porcupines
    Need to calm a combative conversation? Consider BIFF, the High Conflict Institute’s highly effective method of responding to difficult people, personal attacks, hostile email and meltdowns. Ombuds will introduce the BIFF approach and provide an opportunity to practice during this Innovate Hour! Speaker: Liz Hill, Ombuds

  • Feb 9 (Tue) at 4-5:15 pm - Getting You Prepared Workshop: Faculty Evaluation - Practical Advice
    It is time for Faculty Performance Ratings. This is also a great time to start planning for your coaching of Faculty. Learn some practical advice about merit evaluations, what to do in challenging situations, and ask your questions, as we hear from a panel of current chairs. Speakers: Arturo Aldama, Chair, Ethnic Studies; Nils Halverson, Chair, Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences; Laura Kornish, Chair, Marketing

  • Thursday, Feb 25 (Thu) at 1-2 pm - Innovate Hour: Maintaining your Scholarship and Creative Activities as an Academic Leader
    It’s possible! Hear from colleagues who have successfully navigated the challenge of maintaining research and creative work productivity while serving as one of CU Boulder’s few Female academic leaders. Speakers: Irene Blair, Chair, Psychology and Neuroscience; Deane Bowers, former Chair, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Yonca Ertimur, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, Leeds