SEEC Courtyard

In spring 2016, the Environmental Engineering Graduate program moved to the new Sustainable Energy and Environmental Complex (SEEC), resulting in state-of-the-art office and laboratory space.

The Sustainable Energy and Environmental Laboratories (SEEL) are available for environmental engineering research consisting of environmental microbiology, environmental chemistry, water quality, air quality, molecular biology, toxicology, and field ecology. Modern PCs are available in all laboratories for instrument control, data acquisition and analysis, and report writing.

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Grad student in the labEnvironmental Laboratory

The Environmental Engineering facilities consist of laboratories supporting the research of faculty members.  Below, the facilities are listed by faculty member.  Laboratory addresses refer to the following abbreviations:

  • ECCE, Engineering Center Civil Engineering (the department's wing)
  • ECSL, Engineering Center Stores and Laboratories (located between Civil and Chemical).
  • SEEL, Sustainability Energy and Environment Laboratories
  • SEEC, Sustainability Energy and Environment Complex