Welcome to the Environmental Engineering Seminar Series!

The Environmental Engineering Seminar Series meet on Fridays 2:00 – 3:00 pm in SEEC Building classroom N124 (unless specified otherwise). All graduate students in the program are required to attend.

The seminar announcements are sent out though email. If you'd like to be added to our mailing list, please contact Laurence Lambert.

Upcoming Seminars:

● Janelle Thompson - March 5 2018 - Microbial Ecology and Engineering for Energy and Water Security

● Shengkun Dong Seminar - March 7 2018 - Wastewater Recycling: Engineering Processes, Toxicity Reduction and Protecting the Public Health

● Julie Korak Seminar - March 9 2018 - Hexavalent Chromium Treatment: Coupling Ion Exchange and Nanofiltration to Reduce Waste

● Anthony Straub Seminar - March 12 2018 - Next-Generation Membrane Processes for Sustainable Power Generation and Water Treatment

● Trahn H. (Helen) Nghuyen - March 15 2018 - Weakest Link in Water Quality Control: Drinking Water Biofilm in Premise Plumbing


Directions to SEEC Building:

Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Complex (SEEC)
University of Colorado Boulder | East Research Campus
4001 Discovery Drive
Boulder CO 80309

Two Ways to Connect Main Campus & Research Park by bus

Visitors by car: when you arrive at the SEEC Building, please park in the roundabout or behind the building and use the paystation.


SEEC Parking Map

N124 is situated on the first floor. Please follow the Classroom signs.