The academic coaching program is intended to help students develop their strengths and determine what it takes to be a successful student in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at University of Colorado Boulder.

Students participating in one on one coaching are expected to:

  • Be consistent and attend appointments regularly throughout the semester or discuss a determined amount of meetings based on your needs
  • Attend your Professors’ office hours at least twice per semester
  • Share progress within your classes, review academic policies and semester deadline dates based on major with your Academic Coach
  • Reflect on their academic and career goals and progress and be open to honest discussion
  • Visit and/or try one new resource on campus that was discussed with your academic coach
  • Make at least one appointment per semester with your Academic Advisor to discuss progress and classes for the following semester (recommended at least a few weeks into the semester and/or a few weeks before registration for the following semester)
  • Check your CU-Boulder email and respond in a timely manner
  • If you need to cancel/reschedule your appointment, it is your responsibility to contact your coach or reschedule your appointment by clicking on the reschedule link in your calendar event as soon as possible
  • Respect that your coach does not have all the answers
  • Be open to new ideas and trying new strategies

Academic Coaches:

  • Create an open and honest dialogue with students about previous academic success and difficulty
  • Ask powerful questions to encourage student reflection and thought
  • Assist students in creating goals and developing student success skills
  • Talk with students about academic progress in courses and identify strategies for improvement
  • Are available to answer questions and meet with students
  • Connect students to faculty, campus support staff, and resources