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CEAS Academic Coaching is intended to help you develop your strengths and determine what it takes to be a successful student at CU Boulder.

Academic coaching is a series of one-on-one meetings for undergraduate Engineering students with a professional Academic Coach. Coaching sessions encourage you to expand your self-awareness, discover and develop academic skills and habits, and create well-designed action plans to embrace your potential with confidence. Academic Coaches are dedicated to supporting your academic, personal, and career success.

Coaching meetings typically focus on exploration of strengths, challenges, habits, skills, values, and mindsets.

This free service is available to all Engineering undergrads. 

Academic Coaching sessions commonly explore:

  • Challenges and Strengths
  • Motivation
  • Values
  • Habits
  • Balance

Through coaching sessions students often learn about and gain confidence in:

  • Priority and Time Management
  • Setting and Working Toward Personal Goals
  • Effective Strategies for Learning, Studying, and Test Preparation
  • Finding and Using Helpful Resources
  • And much more! 

More information on what a student can expect can be found in the coaching expectations.

Common questions about Academic Coaching:

IMPORTANT: Appointments are available both in person and virtually. You will receive further instructions by email after signing up for your initial intake appointment.

Please fill out the form below to schedule your first appointment. The form will ask you questions to route you to the best coaching option to schedule your appointment:

Click here to meet with an Academic Coach

This is determined by the student and the coach, and is typically four or more sessions. Coaching meetings occur on a consistent basis throughout the semester. Intake meetings last 60 minutes; follow-up sessions are 45-minutes each.

No. Coaching is a holistic exploration of your personal learning journey across your course schedule. Students often engage in tutoring and coaching simultaneously as coaches can help students understand how to study more effectively.

No. You will continue to meet with your academic advisor to discuss advising topics, such as specific classes students need to take to progress towards graduation.

If you have questions or trouble signing up for an appointment, please contact: with your name, student ID, and phone number.