Academic Coaching in the College of Engineering and Applied Science is intended to help students develop their strengths and determine what it takes to be a successful student at CU Boulder. Academic Coaches are dedicated to supporting the academic, personal, and career success of students in CEAS. This free service includes a series of individual meetings with a professional staff member to help students reach their goals. Coaching sessions provide students an opportunity to talk about both academic and non-academic topics. Academic Coaching Flyer

Common themes for Academic Coaching sessions include:

  • Priority and Time Management
  • Setting Goals
  • Strategies for Learning, Studying, and Test Preparation
  • Establishing Supportive Study Habits 
  • Motivation
  • And many more! 

Common questions about Academic Coaching:

This is determined by the student and the coach, although we would like to see a student more than one time. Coaching meetings typically occur on a consistent basis throughout the semester.

If a student is stuck on something they don't understand, for instance, the next step in a math problem, then the student would want to see a content specific tutor for these types of questions. However, what many students do is go to both tutoring and coaching as coaches can help students understand how to study more effectively for a specific course.

If a student is seeing a coach, they will still need to see their academic advisor as coaches do not advise on what specific classes students need to take to progress towards graduation. Coaches do discuss classes with students but focus more on the successes and challenges of each class and creating goals for these classes to be successful.

Yes. We ask that students take a few minutes to fill out our Academic Coaching Intake Form online which they will receive a link to in the confirmation email after they sign up for their first appointment. If possible, we ask this be filled out at least one day before their appointment so the coach can review the online form. We also ask that students read the coaching expectations 

Scheduling Coaching Appointments:

IMPORTANT: Appointments are available both in person and virtually. You will recieve directions and steps for this after signing up for your initial intake appointment.

Please fill out the form below to schedule your first appointment. The form will ask you questions to route you to the best coaching option to schedule your appointment:

Academic Coaching Scheduling Form

If you are having trouble signing up for an appointment, please contact: with your name, student ID, and phone number.