The Research on Teaching & Teacher Education (ROTATE) program is for doctoral students interested in the education and professional development of teachers. This degree is intended for those interested in preparing for careers in research and teaching in university settings, educational leadership and services to schools, or research and development in the private or non-profit sector. 

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Admissions Requirements

The ROTATE program is meant to be combined with other doctoral studies in education. Admission to all our graduate programs is competitive and based on multiple criteria, including undergraduate academic record, scores on exams, letters of recommendation, personal statement, evidence of special accomplishments, and relevant past experience. Criteria are considered in the aggregate. Candidates from historically underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.


  • December 1

Program Updates Coming Soon

To address the very real need for teacher educators who possess sophisticated and nuanced understandings of current research and engage thoughtfully in course and field experiences that prepare them to consider and address the complexities of this work in our current time, ROTATE faculty are redesigning the program. We aim to update and strengthen our core courses and re-envision the overall program design. The resulting program will be named Teacher Learning, Research and Practice (TLRP). The new program structure will be an option for incoming fall 2019 students and in place for all incoming students in the fall of 2020.