This grievance procedure applies to any disputes between students and instructors/faculty on matters relating to courses taught in the Department of Economics. The procedure should start either during or immediately after the completion of the course. This grievance procedure is designed to protect the rights of students, faculty, and administrators in any grievance. The procedure proscribes mandatory steps that must be followed to achieve this objective.

  1. Student and Faculty Member
    It is the responsibility of the student and instructor to first attempt to resolve any grievance. If a student has a question regarding a grade or their performance in a course they must first meet with the instructor in that course to resolve the question. 
  2. Associate Chairs for Undergraduate and Graduate Studies
    If the student and instructor are not able to resolve the question regarding the student's performance in the course, the student’s grade in the course, the grading policy or any other policy in the course the student shall have the option of making a formal written appeal to the appropriate Associate Chair. The appropriate Associate Chair for undergraduate courses is the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies and the appropriate Associate Chair for graduate courses is the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies. The appeal must specify the remedy desired by the student, and it must be submitted within 45 days of the end of the academic term in which the course was taken. 

    The Associate Chair will meet (together or separately) with the student and with the instructor who taught the course. The Associate Chair will review any relevant information, e.g. grade records, grading policy, etc. The Associate Chair will send a written decision regarding the appeal to the student and to the instructor. 

  3. Grievance Committees: Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, and Graduate Review Committee
    After receiving the written decision of the Associate Chair, either student or instructor can appeal the Associate Chair’s decision to the appropriate Review Committee. The appropriate Review Committee for undergraduate courses is the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and the appropriate Review Committee for graduate courses is the Graduate Curriculum Committee. The Department Chair and Associate Chairs may participate as ex officio, non-voting, members of the Review Committee. The appeal shall be in writing and must specify the reason for objecting to the Associate Chair’s decision and the remedy desired.  In addition to the written statements, the Review Committee will invite the student and the instructor to meet with the Committee to discuss the issue. Within 45 days of the receiving the appeal, the Review Committee will submit a written report and recommendation to the instructor. 
  4. Finality
    The recommendation of the Review Committee will be final. If either the student or the instructor does not accept the recommendation, the Review Committee will forward  the written materials associated with the question to the Dean of Arts and Sciences. If at any point the student or faculty member chooses to pursue some alternative legal recourse in resolving the question, at that point this grievance procedure will be terminated and the question referred to the University legal counsel.