CE Summer 2020 Online Office Hours

Office hours are on Zoom, check your syllabus and if you do not have the url, emails are found below.

Name Position Office Hours Email
Almelhem, Ali TA MWF 11 a.m.–Noon Ali.Almelhem@colorado.edu
Avila, Sara Instructor WR 10-11:30 a.m. sara.avilaforcada@colorado.edu
Bhatia, Alpna Instructor TWR 10–11 a.m. Alpna.bhatia@colorado.edu
Butts, Kyle TA T Noon–3 p.m. Kyle.Butts@colorado.edu
Craig, Joe Associate Professor MWF 3–4:30 p.m. jcraig2@uccs.edu
Gruber, Anja TA R Noon– 2 p.m. & F Noon– 1 p.m. Anja.gruber@colorado.edu
Hennigan, Payne GPTI MWF 11 a.m.–Noon Christian.hennigan@colorado.edu
Iyigun, Murat Professor  T Noon–2 p.m. murat.iyigun@colorado.edu
Jia, Yuwei TA MWF 2–3 p.m. & appt. Yuwei.jia@colorado.edu
Kurban, Danny GPTI W 3–5 p.m. & R 10 a.m.–Noon Danny.Kurban@colorado.edu
Li, Aolin TA  MF 8–9:30 a.m. Aolin.Li@colorado.edu
Li, Minghui GPTI WR 10–11:30 a.m. & by appt.  Minghui.li@colorado.edu
Mertens, Billy Instructor W 8–11 a.m. william.mertens@colorado.edu
Mundt, Nicole TA T 9–10 a.m., W 1–2 p.m. & R 4–5 p.m. Nicole.Mundt@colorado.edu
Zax, Jeffrey Professor TR 2–3:30 p.m. jeffrey.zax@colorado.edu