The McGuire Center for International Studies

The Carl McGuire Center for International Studies is the Department of Economics' research arm devoted to international economics. It was founded in 1985, taking the prior International Economics Studies Center and Institute as its basis. The Center and Institute was named for Carl McGuire, a long-time and valuable member of the department, in recognition of his great service and generosity, and commitment to the study of international economics. The Center was established with a generous endowment from him and his family, and Carl continued to support it with major gifts for several years before his passing in 2001.

The Center supports basic research in international economics on subjects such as globalization, immigration, trade, and democratization. The Center sponsors the International Economics Seminar Series, which allows internal and external speakers to present current research in the areas of trade, finance, open-economy macroeconomics, and development economics. Refer to the International Seminar Schedules to see a list of this year's participants and topics as well as past year's. The Center also supports conference participation by junior faculty and graduate students and provides dissertation support for one graduate research assistant per year. A list of current working papers is available online. Also, see individual faculty web pages for abstracts and/or working papers and check out International data, institutions, and other links for other helpful information.