butterfly on flower

Research related to distributions, abundances, and interactions of organisms; dynamics of populations and their responses to factors such as climate, nutrients, and disease.

Faculty expertise in area

William Adams - photosynthesis; plant ecology and physiology; photoprotection; biofuels
Nichole Barger - aridlands ecology; restoration; biogeochemical cycling
Deane Bowers - plant-insect interactions; chemical ecology
​William Bowman - plant ecology; interactions of plants with soil and nutrients
Kendi Davies - extinction; invasion; fragmented and disturbed landscapes
Barbara Demmig Adams - photosynthesis; plant ecology and physiology; photoprotection; biofuels
Nancy Emery - phenology; dispersal; local adaptation; plasticity
Noah Fierer - environmental microbiology; human microbiome
Pieter Johnson - disease ecology; aquatic community ecology; conservation biology
William Lewis - freshwater ecology and limnology
​Andrew Martin - ecology; population genetics; conservation genetics
Andrew McAdam - behavioral ecology, evolutionary ecoloty, plant-animal interactions, physiological ecology, pulsed resources
Christy McCain - distributions of biodiversity; biodiversity and climate change
Valerie McKenzie - parasitology; disease ecology; conservation; herpetology
Brett Melbourne - extinction; invasion; climate change; conservation
Isabella Oleksy - limnology, biogeochemistry, freshwater, lakes, rivers, remote sensing
Julian Resasco - landscape connectivity/fragmentation, ecological networks, insects, and conservation biology
Steven Schmidt - microbial ecology; biogeochemical cycles; plant-microbe interactions
Tim Seastedt - soil carbon dynamics; invasive plants
Katherine Suding - restoration; species invasion; environmental change; conservation
Merritt Turetsky - ecosystem ecology, disturbance ecology including wildfire, carbon and nutrient biogeochemistry
Carol Wessman - landscape ecology; resilience; disturbance