Ph.D., Stanford University, 2009 • Associate Professor

I am a biogeochemist and faculty lead of the Environmental Biogeochemistry Group. We study how people change the fundamental processes that underlie life on Earth and how those changes feed back to affect our well-being. Our projects include intensively managed ecosystems, like California croplands, where we study the fates and consequences of pesticide and nutrient applications, as well as remote regions, like the mountaintops of Colorado and Patagonia, where we seek to understand how people's activities affect atmospheric deposition and the health of fragile ecosystems. We love learning and combining a variety of technical approaches, from isotope geochemistry to soil physics and hydrology, and we conduct both focused, process-based studies as well as large-scale data analyses. Outside of research, we are passionate about improving the quality and diversity of STEM education, and encouraging undergraduate students to explore research through participating in our field and lab efforts. To learn more see: https://www.ebgscience.org/