butterfly with spread wings. photo credit - Jeffery Mitton

Research on biological heredity, the variation of inherited characteristics, and the map from genotype to phenotype.

Faculty expertise in area

Sam Flaxman - modeling; population genetics; speciation; genomics
Nolan Kane - genomics; bioinformatics; speciation; hybridization
Andrew Martin - population genetics; conservation genetics
Andrew McAdam - quantitative genetics in the wild, phenotypic plasticity
Daniel Meulemans Medeiros - evolutionary developmental biology of vertebrates
Jeffry B. Mitton - population genetics; pine beetle dynamics
Rebecca Safran - sexual selection; speciation; population genetics; genomics
Stacey Smith - evolutionary genetics; molecular phylogenetics; plant-pollinator interactions
David Stock - evolutionary developmental biology; morphological evolution
Scott Taylor - hybridization; speciation; evolutionary ecology; and population genomics (primarily of birds).
Erin Tripp - macroevolution; plant pigment evolution; lichenology