Thick-billed murre colony

Research on how and why living things, at all levels of biological organization--from genes and genomes to populations and species--change over time. 

Faculty expertise in area

Nancy Emery - phenology; dispersal; local adaptation; plasticity
Luke Evans - statistical and quantitative genetics of complex traits; population genetics; selection and adaptation; human behavior
Nolan Kane - genomics; bioinformatics; speciation; hybridization
Pat Kocioleck - taxonomy, systematics, evolution and ecology of diatoms
Jingchun Li - biodiversity; evolution and ecology of invertebrates; systematics; genomics
Andrew Martin - ecology; population genetics; conservation genetics
Andrew McAdam - natural selection, adaptation, quantitative genetics, social evolution, plasticity
Daniel Meulemans Medeiros - evolutionary developmental biology of vertebrates
Rebecca Safran - sexual selection; speciation; population genetics; genomics
Stacey Smith - evolutionary genetics; molecular phylogenetics; plant-pollinator interactions
David Stock - evolutionary developmental biology; morphological evolution
Scott Taylor - hybridization; speciation; evolutionary ecology; population genetics; genomics
Erin Tripp - macroevolution; plant pigment evolution; lichenology