Jingchun Li Headshot
Associate Professor • CU Museum Curator of Invertebrates • P.hD., University of Michigan, 2014

Bruce Curtis E272 (Office)

Research interests

My research program focuses on understanding drivers and processes of biodiversification. I'm especially interested in the way symbiotic interactions affect distribution, ecology and evolution of invertebrates. Our lab mainly uses diverse mollusk groups (clams, cockles, snails, etc.) to address research questions, but other systems are also being explored (protists, algae, crustaceans, etc.). We adopt a combination of phylogenetic comparative methods, geometric morphometrics, molecular evolution and bioinformatic approaches to study biodiversification at species, population, and genomic levels.

Selected Publications

Li Jingchun and Ó Foighil D. 2015. Multiple losses of planktontrophic larval development in the cosmopolitan marine bivalve genus Lasaea. American Malacological Bulletin 33: 1-6. 

Zelditch, M. L., Li, J., Tran, L. A., and Swiderski, D. L. 2015. Relationships of diversity, disparity, and their evolutionary rates in squirrels (Sciuridae). Evolution 69: 1284-1300. 
Taehwan Lee, Li J., Churchill C. and Ó Foighil D. 2014. Evolutionary history of a vanishing radiation: isolation-dependent persistence and diversification in Pacific island partulid tree snails. BMC Evolutionary Biology 14: 202.

Paul Valentich-Scott, Ó Foighil D. and Li J. 2013. Where's Waldo? A new commensal species,Waldo arthuri (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Galeommatidae), from the Northeastern Pacific. ZooKeys 316: 67-80.

Li Jingchun, Ó Foighil D. and Park J. 2013. Triton’s trident: cryptic Neogene divergences in a marine clam correspond to Australia’s three temperate biogeographic provinces. Molecular Ecology 22: 1933-1946.

Osamu Miura, Köhler F., Lee T., Li J. and Ó Foighil D. 2013. Rare, divergent Korean Semisulcospira spp. mitochondrial haplotypes have Japanese sister lineages. Journal of Molluscan Studies 79: 86-89.

Li Jingchun and Ó Foighil D. 2012. Host-specific morphologies but no host races in the commensal bivalve Neaeromya rugifera. Invertebrate Biology 131(3): 197-203.

Li Jingchun, Ó Foighil D, Middelfart P. 2012. The evolutionary ecology of biotic association in a megadiverse bivalve superfamily: sponsorship required for permanent residencyin sediment.PLoS ONE 7(8): e42121.

Diarmaid Ó Foighil, Li J., Lee T., Johnson P., Evans R., et al. 2011. Conservation genetics of a critically endangered limpet genus and rediscovery of an extinct species. PLoS ONE 6: e20496. 

Li Jingchun and Li S. 2009. Description of Caridina alba, a new species of blind atyid shrimpfrom Tenglongdong cave, Hubei Province, China (Decapoda, Atyidae). Crustaceana 83: 17-27.

Li Jingchun, Cai Y and Clarke A. 2006. A new species of troglobitic freshwater prawn of the genus Macrobrachium from southern China (Decapoda: Palaemonidae). The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 54: 277-282.