samual Ramsey
PhD from University of Maryland • Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Entomology, biology of bees, parasites and symbiosis, science communication

Selected Publications

Ramsey, S.D., Ochoa, R., Bauchan, G., Gulbronson, C., Mowery, J.D., Cohen, A., Lim, D., Joklik, J., Cicero, J.M., Ellis, J.D. and Hawthorne, D., 2019. Varroa destructor feeds primarily on honey bee fat body tissue and not hemolymph. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(5), pp.1792-1801.

Ramsey, S. and Losey, J.E., 2012. Why is Harmonia axyridis the culprit in coccinellid biting incidents? An analysis of means, motive, and opportunity. American Entomologist, 58(3), pp.166-170.

Chantawannakul, P., Ramsey, S., Khongphinitbunjong, K. and Phokasem, P., 2018. Tropilaelaps mite: an emerging threat to European honey bee. Current opinion in insect science, 26, pp.69-75.