Access to the Collection

The collection of the Entomology section is available to those with an interest in insects and spiders. Our collection is used by faculty and students, visiting researchers, local entomologists, school groups, and members of the local community. We encourage potential visitors to call or email in advance to schedule a visit (303) 492-6270.

The Entomology section is located on the third floor of the newly renovated Bruce Curtis Building. We welcome visitors who would like to use the collection and encourage you to contact us should you wish to visit (303-492-6270). During weekdays we are generally available by appointment from 10–4.

Loans of Specimens

The Entomology collection loans specimens to researchers worldwide all over the world. Loans are made to researchers at established research institutions. Loans to students are made through their advisor. Loan requests should be submitted to the Collection Manager or Curator. Please see our loan policy for more detailed information.

Loans are made for a period of one year. Extensions of the loan period are possible and should be requested in writing. Please contact the Curator or Collection Manager should you like to request a loan.