Accessibility resources
Resources for creating accessible Powerpoint, Word, and syllabi using Universal Design

Faculty Teaching Excellence Program
Workshops, videotape consultations, and consultations on teaching

Graduate Teacher Program
Workshops and events for graduate student teachers and the campus

OIT Academic Technology Design Team
The ATDT provides individual faculty consultations, and undertakes campus projects to address wicked teaching and learning problems for the campus.  Help with teaching and learning technology can also be obtained through

OIT Teaching and Learning Tools
OIT-supported services include CUClickers, D2L, classroom capture, voice thread, and more.  See also this handy navigator of available tools to serve different purposes.

Arts & Sciences Support of Education through Technology (ASSETT)
Workshops, seminars, individual consultations, and development awards related to teaching and assessment in A&S, including hybrid and flipped courses.

ATLAS Institute
This center for interdisciplinary technology and art houses academic programs, the laboratory for playful computation, multimedia production, computing hackrrspace, and events.

Learning Assistant Program
Funds and trains undergraduates to support active learning in classrooms.


Financial support for teaching and learning projects (an incomplete list):

- Learning Assistant Program application - Once per semester, funds an LA for the following semester
- Innovative Seed Grant Program - Up to $50,000


Student services:

- Computing labs
- Online composition hub - Writing center for continuing education courses
- Student affairs - Supporting the whole student


And don’t forget the Center for STEM Learning’s list of CU Boulder STEM programs