50 Years of Ralphie

The buffalo who became Ralphie I arrived in Boulder in 1966. In 1967, her Folsom Field performances took root in CU culture.


The Art of Experience

Soon there'll be a degree for that.


Behind the Bars

A CU professor goes inside America's prisons to study gang life.

babel illustration

Better than Babel

Samuel Boyd has a way with languages.

bee hive

Start-up Fever

Entrepreneurs are coming out of the woodwork at CU Boulder. It's no accident.

Phillip Lindsay

Tasmanian Devil is an Old Soul

CU football captain Phillip Lindsay enters his senior season as a top-ranked NFL prospect. There's more to the man than that.


super ralphie illustration

Now - September 2017

Drew Litton has immortalized Ralphie in numerous cartoons over the years. Here's one of his latest, specially commissioned for the Coloradan.


ReForm's Madalyn Kern

Madalyn Kern's company, ReForm, is developing a low-cost, adjustable prosthetic socket for amputees.

brian argrow

Inquiry - Brian Argrow

Brian Argrow, the new chair of CU Boulder’s Ann and H.J. Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences department, talks Mars, drones, integrity and why he always books a window seat.

Art O Mat

No Smoking, Please

But maybe you'd like to buy some art?

old photo from yearbook

Fall '67: Changin' Times

The 1967 Summer of Love may not have amounted to much at CU, but the ’67 fall semester was another matter.


Are Mermaids Real?

An 8-year-old asks a CU scientist for the hard truth.

fall scenic

Campus News Briefs - Fall 2017

Fraternities, nuclear war and showerhead ecosystems.


Look - Playground

All work, extra play.

young Ralphie

Origins - CU Mascot

How Ralphie got her start.


Infographic: Ralphies

As of August 2017, five individual buffaloes have served as Ralphie, including the incumbent, 11-year-old Blackout. What do you know about each?

toga party

Alumni Briefs - Fall 2017

Homecoming, alumni tidbits and Roaming Buffs travel.

cu aerospace

CU Around - Aerospace

CU Boulder’s aerospace engineers are preparing to lift off from central campus and land squarely in a burgeoning innovation hub on East Campus.

president benson

The President's View - Fall 2017

President Bruce D. Benson's column from the fall 2017 issue.

derrick white

Sports News - Fall 2017

Sports news from the fall 2017 issue.

rachel edson

Sports Q&A: Rachel Edson

Rachel Edson, a 21-year-old senior from Boulder, is one of two women on the 16-member Ralphie Handlers team.

Anne Castle

Eyes on the Water

Anne Castle knows better than most that shortages elsewhere in the West can affect Coloradans, even when there’s snow on the slopes.


Cmdr. Critical

U.S. Navy Cmdr. Patrick “Critical” Burrus’ ideal classroom is the cockpit, his specialty, making pilots sweat.


Comic Relief

Sizing up and relating to people are must-have skills for Boulder County Sheriff Sergeant Vinnie Montez. His sideline as a standup comic also helps.

madison tarbox

Social Buffs: Madison Tarbox

CU junior Madison Tarbox (Mktg'18) spent the month of July in a rural village outside Kathmandu, Nepal, teaching English, planting and harvesting in the jungle and trekking to the Everest Base Camp.


CU Nicknames That Might Have Been

Actual mascot proposals prior to the Silver & Gold's 1934 national mascot naming contest.

ralphie contact sheet

Then - Summer 1966

Ralphie I may have looked small when she arrived in Boulder, but she was mighty.