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Program Requirements

Total hours for all minor coursework: 17 hours

Minimum 2.0 GPA in INFO courses.

1. Foundations—4 credit hours

2. Literacies—3 credit hours

Choose one:

3. Foundations—4 credit hours

Choose one:

4. Upper Division—6 credit hours

Choose two. Only one can be a Digital Landscapes course offered by a department outside of Information Science. Optimal path includes at least one of Exploration, Exposition, Problems, or Mastery.

Problems courses (3000-level)

  • INFO 3501 Problems in Information Science: Peer Production and Crowdsourcing—3
  • INFO 3502 Problems in Information Science: Online Communities—3
  • INFO 3505 Problems in Information Science: Designing for Creativity and Learning—3
  • INFO 3503 Problems in Information Science: Information Behavior in Everyday Life—3
  • INFO 3504 Problems in Information Science: Digital Identity—3

Mastery courses (4000-level)

  • INFO 4601 Mastery: Ethical & Policy Dimensions of Information, Technology & New Media—3
  • INFO 4602 Mastery: Information Visualization—3
  • INFO 4604 Mastery: Applied Machine Learning—3
  • INFO 4603 Mastery: Survey Research Design—3
  • INFO 4605 Mastery: Ethnographic Research in Applied Settings—3
  • INFO 4611 Mastery: Experience Design in Ubiquitous Computing—3
  • INFO 4871 Special Topics—3
  • INFO 4900 Research Experience in Information Science—1-6 hours

Digital Landscapes courses offered by other departments: