1. Once lecturer assignments have been made, provide a finalized list of your department’s lecturer course assignments to  
  2. Draft offers using the CMCI lecturer offer letter template. Use the convention below to name the file. View current CMCI compensation requirements »
  3. Route offer letters via DocuSign for signatures. When preparing the DocuSign envelope, include the appointee's CV. Please do not revise the “Email Subject” of the “Message to All Recipients.” Copy for processing and copy for college record.
  4. All offer letters should be fully signed via DocuSign two weeks prior to the start date of appointment.

File Naming Convention

  • Fall: YEARF_Lect_DEPT_LASTNAME (ex. 2021F_Lect_COMM_Smith)
  • Spring: YEAR_S_Lect_DEPT_LASTNAME (ex. 2022_S_Lect_COMM_Smith)