The Conversation is an independent, nonprofit publisher of commentary and analysis, authored by academics and edited by journalists for the general public. 

Join other CMCI faculty and PhD students on Tuesday, Feb. 11, from 2:45 to 3:45 p.m. in CASE 422 to find out how to get your scholarly work published in The Conversation.

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The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary that publishes short articles (800-1,000 words) by academic experts on timely topics related to their research. CU Boulder has a partnership with them, and editors from The Conversation will be on campus to let faculty and PhD students know what they are looking for and how the process works. Journalism professor Christine Larson has written several pieces for The Conversation and will talk about her experience working with the editors.

How it works

Faculty members submit brief “pitches” for possible stories to The Conversation editors, in response to topic-specific requests, or proactively to share research, scholarship or creative work of interest to the public. Pitches can be made directly to editors through a simple online form, or with facilitation from a campus communication partner from a school, college, institute or the campus level. 

Once a pitch is accepted, faculty collaborate directly with editors from The Conversation to develop an article. Once complete, the piece is published in the online edition of The Conversation, included in the outlet’s outbound emails and made available to a network of potential republishers. CU Boulder also shares content by its authors through appropriate campus channels, including CU Boulder Today, e-newsletters and social media. 

In addition to the measurable visibility through readership of The Conversation and its network of republishers, authors report significant increases in requests for further academic collaborations, support for current or future grants or funding support, citations for scholarly articles, influence on policy by decision-makers and requests for media interviews (radio, print and TV).