University of Colorado Administrative Policy Statement (APS) 5060 defines and identifies the use of the lecturer title for contingent teaching faculty, or temporary faculty:

Lecturer is the title given to individuals hired to teach on a course-by-course basis. Lecturers are qualified to teach the particular course or courses for which they have been hired. They may have graduate degrees and/or advanced experience in their profession or field of expertise. Lecturers are employees-at-will. (Appendix A.C.3.)

The departments of the College of Media, Communication and Information appoint lecturers on an as-needed basis. For calendar year 2024 appointments, lecturers are compensated at a rate of $5,516.68 per 3 credit hour course, prorated by the hour at a rate of $1,838.89 for appointments of more or less than 3 credit hours.

Lecturer faculty with 50% appointments or greater are eligible for some benefits.

Please contact the CMCI Office of Faculty Affairs via email with inquiries.