Every session, the IEC offers different student clubs and programs to help students practice language, make community connections, and develop leadership skills.

Why get involved?

  • Practice English and improve your classwork
  • Meet people and make connections
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Learn more about American culture and university processes

How to get involved:

  • We have clubs, events, and culture hour held at the IEC every week! Check out these options here.
  • Join student clubs and attend events connected to CU Boulder.
  • Volunteer in the community.

IEC Clubs

We have extracurricular clubs that take place at the IEC each week and cover topics such as public speaking, hiking, reading, music, and tutoring that take place after class. No need to sign-up, just show up for the clubs that look interesting to you.

The SWAP Program

The Swap Exchange Program provides an opportunity for IEC students to connect to current CU Boulder students with the goal to help students transition to the Boulder community and to practice language with peers. This program is a partnership between the IEC and CU Engage.

Language Clubs

The IEC connects our students to several of CU Boulder’s foreign language clubs. Foreign language clubs bring together IEC students, CU Boulder students, and staff members who want to learn new languages and master the ones they already know. We currently offer the following language clubs:

  • Japanese-English Conversation Hour
  • English-Arabic Conversation Club