The IEC has a team of faculty advisors who provide support for IEC students in multiple ways. Every student at the IEC has an assigned advisor who offers support, advice, direction, and help with processes throughout a student’s enrollment at the center. Advisors serve as the first point of contact between students and the academic program.


  • Present an orientation of the program, expectations, guidelines, and processes, after students arrive.
  • Provide an individual meeting with each student during the first or second week of classes.
  • Monitor, meet with, and advise students of their attendance and performance status at mid-session and end of session, and as needed.
  • Maintain availability for advising appointments throughout each session concerning academic and life experiences.
  • Are knowledgeable about CU Boulder campus resources such as Counseling and Psychiatric Services, Disability Services, Center for Student Involvement, Student Academic Success Center, Office of Victim’s Assistance, and the Writing Center.
  • Provide the means and assist with paperwork and matters such as level changes, grades, dismissals, conduct reports, etc.
  • Meet with students at the end of each session to advise on future dates, plans, proficiencies, and progress.
  • Assist students in their applications to U.S. colleges and universities.