ISS Facility Hardware

BioServe has maintained a continuous hardware presence on the ISS since 2002. BioServe owned and operated facilities permanently employed onboard the ISS represent the backbone of state of the art research investigations in space. We also support periodic flights of our facilities on ISS cargo carriers such as the Northrop Grumman Cygnus and SpaceX Dragon to actively maintain experiments during transfer to and from the ISS. In addition to our hardware, we are skilled in utilizing common ISS resources such as MSG, LSG, and MELFI to enable complex crew-driven operations as needed. We have previously collaborated with other payload developers to coordinate access to specialized analysis hardware, such as the Nanoracks Plate Reader, Leidos KERMIT Microscope, and the Techshot Bone Densitometer, as part of larger BioServe-led experiments. We have been trusted with some of the most complex experiments to be performed on the ISS and we are continuously developing new hardware to support high-impact space life science research.

ISS Experiment Hardware

BioServe maintains a large suite of hardware to support experiment-specific needs such as culture growth, media replenishment, gas exchange, and biological/material containment requirements. We are experienced in identifying and providing high quality and adaptive hardware combinations to support any given experiment. As necessary, we can modify our existing hardware or design entirely new hardware to support new requirements and enable novel science returns.

Legacy Hardware

Throughout our history, we have flown many varieties of experiment hardware and continually updated our hardware designs to stay current with the latest technology. Below is some of our legacy hardware that is no longer flown but that we still find really cool years later!