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An effective job search requires a lot of preparation, research, and persistence. Whether you are a recent graduate, in between jobs or hoping to transition into a new career, these job search strategies can help position yourself to impress potential employers. 

Quick Tips for an Effective Job Search

Identify Your Interests

  • Use self-assessments and industry research to target job functions, industries and geographic locations that interest you. 
  • Analyze requirements. Read through the job descriptions and make a list of desired skills for your area of interest.

Develop your Materials

  • Compare your skills and experiences to employer requirements. Develop your resume to highlight items that best match the job description.
  • Complete online profiles to promote your skills, work samples and accomplishments.

Make Connections

  • Explore job boards for positions that match your interests and skills. Utilize Handshake and search LinkedIn for opportunities and mutual connections.
  • About 80 percent of most jobs aren't advertised. Network with alumni and others. 

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Develop your introduction and craft your responses to general interview questions. 
  • Make an appointment for a mock interview with a career development advisor.

Track Your Progress

  • Keep a record of contacts, email exchanges, and follow-up dates.