Textbooks and Supplies

You can apply up to $1,500 in CU Book Store charges per semester to your tuition and fee bill during fall, spring and summer terms. Visit the CU Book Store for more information.

Day 1 Digital Course Materials

If you see "Day 1 Digital Crs Materials" on the university bill, you (students) will have already received several emails from the CU Book Store with the subject line "Day 1 Digital Access." Students also should have received information about the program from their professor and class syllabus. Day 1 Digital Access provides the least expensive version of your course materials and this is why it is delivered this way. You can learn more about Day 1 Digital Access on the CU Book Store's website.

Book Store charges may show on the 2nd or 3rd bill of the semester because they are billed after the course drop deadline to give students the maximum amount of time to make choices about their course schedule and for students to have a chance to opt out and pursue other course material formats.

If you received a refund (from financial aid or for other reasons), we cannot hold refunds in anticipation of future charges. If a charge does come on the bill after you received a refund, you are responsible for paying the additional charges.