The College Opportunity Fund (COF) provides a stipend that reduces tuition for eligible Colorado resident undergraduate students attending CU Boulder. Please visit the Office of the Registrar's College Opportunity Fund webpage for more information.

How COF Affects the University Bill

  • The Undergraduate Tuition Guarantee for Colorado residents guarantees the in-state tuition rate minus the COF stipend (also called "student share" or "tuition after COF").
  • To receive COF, students must complete two steps: 1) apply for the stipend; and 2) authorize the stipend (see links to instructions below). 
  • Students can authorize COF during registration or anytime after that through Buff Portal.
  • Completing the steps before the first payment deadline ensures that you pay reduced tuition.
  • Continuing Education and Extended Studies classes are not eligible for COF.

How to Get COF

Please visit the following links for instructions from the Office of the Registrar.

Apply for COF

Authorize the Use of COF Funds

Revoke Authorization of COF